The Basics of Earning Money Through Blogging

blogsthatmakemoney.net is created to guide you on how to earn money through blogging. This blog aims to give you a walk-through of how blogging can become a source of livelihood. But first, we need to define a blog.

What is a blog?

A blog is an informational site published on the Internet intended to inform, narrate or discuss topics or issues that interest the writer through the ‘posts’ arranged in such a way that the most recent are displayed first. Blogging first made waves in the 1990s wherein most people jotted their everyday experiences online, very much like a diary.

Blogging rose to popularity in 1999 when blogging sites such as Open Diary, Live Journal, Diary land and Blogger.com were established.

Nowadays, blogging has transcended more than just being an online diary. It is now also used for features of certain products and brands.

Blogging as a money-making tool

Blogging has indeed evolved from just being an online journal. It is now a means of livelihood for some. Bloggers could earn from several hundreds to thousands of dollars per month.

Now to earn money via blogging, you need to have a lot of visitors. A huge number of visitors would mean more publicity. This would attract the advertisers to enlist your help in promoting your product. This process is called guest blogging. As a blogger, you would do a features article for the company’s brand and link back to their main website. In return, the advertiser would pay you for it.

Aside from guest blogging, you could also earn by selling e-books in your blog. This is a slow money-making technique for bloggers however the income would add up per month and you would be surprised that this actually comprises a big part of your total income.

Other bloggers also earn from speaking engagements they book from becoming an expert on blogging. There are also those that are invited to A-list events as part of the publicity team and in return they get paid and even take home some freebies. Some companies also send free trial products to a blogger to ask for a features article on such product.

The features of this blog

The following are some of the features of blogsthatmakemoney.net. Each feature will give you an insight as to how the whole blog operates and also how to go about your own blog. A common blog has the following features so it is important to take note of these.

Author Description Box

Meet us! This is one of the important features of this blog as this would inform you of who we are as a blogger and as a person.

Comments Section

The Comments Section is the life of this blog! We need to hear from you! Feel free to ask questions and leave us comments.

The Comments Section, as its name suggests, is where readers would voice out their comments and suggestions. The comments section helps us know what you think about! Furthermore, it’s also your way of helping other readers as well! Share your experiences about blogging to earn money.  It would also help us know what you liked and didn’t like about this blog.

Search Feature

We have made life easier for you! No need to scroll down and look for past articles, all you have to do is look for our search feature!

It works similarly to a search engine. Just simple key in what you want to know more about our blog and the results matching the search are displayed chronologically.

Social Media Feature

We are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Add us up!

As a blog, social media accounts are also important! It helps in disseminating information about blogsthatmakemoney.net. It makes the blog more humanistic and reliable.

A blog is a great way to earn a living if you know how to play your cards well. A blog will be more lucrative if you have quality content and good web lay-out. Blogging is a bit onerous, however in the long run; it will truly help you pay the bills.

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