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Blogging emerges as a new form of advertising to promote products and services. Blogging is now more than a way to express and narrate one’s daily adventures. Moreover, blogging is now also a way to earn money.

blogsthatmakemoney.net is solely created to help you to earn money through blogging. Through our years of experience, we have helped a lot of people succeed in their own blogs. Here are some reviews and testimonials:

Anna, 20

I’ve been blogging since I was in high school. I usually write about my experiences, feelings, thoughts, and trips to places. I always got views and good reviews however I never really thought of it as means of earning money. Through the help of this site, I discovered that you could earn money just by blogging!

After following the tips and pieces of advice from blogsthatmakemoney.net, I gained around 100 followers, a couple hundred more views and eventually earned some hundreds of dollars per month.

Carrie, 29

I love the Features page of this site! It gave me an idea of how a blog looks. I am a newbie at the blogsphere. I have no idea how it works but thanks to this blog, I now have a fully functional site that earns money!

Harold, 36

I’ve been a writer since Junior High. I wrote for the features section of our school paper. Since then, it has been my habit of writing about my travels, eating escapades and other memorable anecdotes.

About three years ago, I decided to start a blog. The blog was more of a hobby for me. Later did I only realize that I can make money out of it. Fast forward three years later and now my blog is helping me get through with my expenses! Aside from that, I am getting invites to exclusive events to cover and blog about them.

Nina Rae, 15

I love taking pictures! I take pictures of almost everything I see. The camera is my best friend. I often post these photos on my blog and accompany them with a short write-up. Through the information from this blog, I was able to improve the features of my blog. As a result, more people now visit my blog regularly. I give this site five stars!

Janna, 28

This blog has helped me tremendously so it is but fitting to also give it a stellar review! The step-by-step guide in this blog is terrific. I also love the video tutorials they post! It is very easy to follow and also very engaging.

Jericho, 66

I am Retired Teacher. I do not have much to do since I stayed at home most of the time. I recently discovered blogging. I have no idea of how it works so I decided to search and read a lot of articles about it. I stumbled upon blogsthatmakemoney.net and has used it as my main reference ever since.

I am yet to earn money though blogging as I am just starting out. But this blog has greatly helped me. Thank you very much. More power to you and your blog.

This blog has already helped many bloggers earn through blogging. However, it should be emphasized that earning money through blogging is not an overnight process.

It is a long process. You would need to make more and more content to attract viewers. You would only attract advertisers once you proved to them that you could rake a certain number of views in a specific span of time.

You need to write quality content that will attract more viewers and followers. So whether it is about your daily experiences, thoughts and feelings or a review article, a how-to article or an opinion article, make sure that the content of your blog is of high quality. This makes the difference between a simple blog and a blog that makes thousand a month.


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