There is a need for companies to get a reputable SEO company to help with the search engine optimization process of their websites. This company can help push the website’s ranking in search engines and make it more visible to the target market. If the search engine optimization is done correctly, this will mean more business and profit to your own company.

The said company can do a lot of things for you. What they will do isn’t a single-step process though. It necessitates a number of steps that can take up to several months to complete. Here are the steps commonly involved in the SEO process:

Research, Audit and Analysis

seo– Keyword research. This step requires the identification and research of keywords that can produce the best results in search engine optimization and can push the website to achieve good rankings. The ideal keyword is used as a search keyword by the target market, relevant to your business, and not used heavily by competitors.

– Google Webmaster Tools analysis. The SEO agency will ask permission to review your history and current status in Google Webmaster Tools. Doing that can help bring to light opportunities, potential technical issues, and penalties affecting your rankings negatively.

– Google Analytics analysis. The SEO agency will review your past performances via Google Analytics or its alternative. Through this review, trends and opportunities that are both positive and negative can be revealed and that can help with improving the website.

– Link profile analysis. The link profile must be checked as well to ensure that there are no spammy links that can negatively affect your page rankings. Link cleanup will become easier to do when the link profile has been thoroughly reviewed beforehand.

– Site audit. Auditing the website of the client is intended for improving rankings and metrics. In site auditing, factors such as title tags, internal linking, meta description tags, content, load speed, URL structure, usability, and design are tested or checked.


– Code overhaul.  Overhauling the code is essential to making your website more SEO friendly. The overhauling task can range from light cleanup of your existing code to complete replacement while keeping the existing design.

– Website redesign. It is oftentimes necessary to redesign the website because the current one you have might be outdated, has poor code, gets visitors poorly, and the likes. It depends on the results of the initial research.

– Link building. This activity is not a one-time service. In fact, it’s one that will not end. There should be a constant stream of fresh links for your website to let Google know that it is still relevant. Many link-building activities can be done online nowadays.

– Link removal and disavowal. There might be links found in your link profile that are of low quality or harmful. These links must be removed, otherwise you might get a penalty. If these harmful links are impossible to remove, then disavowing them is the other alternative you can choose.

– Link monitoring. It is rare to get a negative SEO attack but it is not impossible. That is why it is highly recommended to keep an eye on the links, especially the inbound ones. Not only that, link monitoring is also a way for you to keep track of where inbound links should go when the destination link has been modified.

– Competitor research. The focus of SEO firms is not only on their client’s website. Their client’s competitor’s websites must be researched and monitored as well. Monitoring them allows the identification of keywords that may become relevant to your own business website. It is easier to replicate what they do when they are being monitored as well.

– Brand monitoring. In most cases, the mention of your company, products, or services will include a link pointing back to your website. However, there are cases when that does not happen. For such instances, it is the job of SEO firms to find these and seek to obtain an appropriate link.

– Outreach. This is an activity that reaches out to those companies or websites that may be relevant to what you have to offer in your own website. It should be easy to promote content as well as generate links when these relevant websites or companies are involved.

These are just some of the jobs that the SEO company can do for you. These may sound simple but they aren’t. Only SEO specialists can do a great job at these tasks. That is why it is a must for you to hire the best company you can find to meet your search engine optimization needs.